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How Cool! Airline Surprises Passengers With Presents!!

Dec 11, 2013 -- 9:10am


How awesome is this?! The Canadian airline WestJet recently asked passengers before takeoff what they wanted for Christmas.  And when they landed, the presents came out on the CONVEYOR BELT at the baggage claim . . . wrapped and everything.  They'd gotten 150 volunteers to actually go out and buy the stuff people requested . . . including tablets, free airline tickets, and a 50-inch TELEVISION.

They set up a "virtual Santa" station at two different airports, where passengers and their kids could talk to a video screen and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

So people did it because they didn't have anything better to do while they waited for their flight.  But when they landed and got to the baggage claim, the presents came out on the conveyor belt . . . wrapped . . . with their NAMES on them.

It turns out that while they were in the air, the airline had gotten 150 volunteers to go from store to store and actually BUY the stuff people asked for.

 Check out the reactions in the video...priceless!

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