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My fav movie was almost called WHAT!?

Apr 29, 2014 -- 9:12am

"The Switch" originally went by "The Baster".  Since this is a movie about artificial insemination, you can see why "The Baster" makes sense.  You can also see why there was no way that name was going to stick.
"Pretty Woman" was nearly called "3,000".  That's how much Richard Gere offered hooker Julia Roberts to spend a week with him.  It's a little less romantic . . . of course, the original ending had Gere leaving Julia in the gutter and driving off.
"While You Were Sleeping" was "Coma Guy" "Coma Guy" is technically a little more LITERAL.  But obviously, it's not the best title for a romantic comedy.
"Annie Hall" was "Anhedonia".  Anhedonia is a scientific term for the inability to experience pleasure, which seems like a fitting title for ANY Woody Allen movie.
"Scream" was originally titled "Scary Movie".  "Scream" was kind of a deconstruction of horror movie clichés, so "Scary Movie" works.  Although it's funny that "Scary Movie" became the title of the movie that PARODIED "Scream".
"Blade Runner" was originally "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", which is the title of the novel the movie is based on, by sci-fi author Philip K. Dick.
"Unforgiven" was almost mistakenly called "The Cut-Whore Killings"Sure, the action begins when a man slashes the face of a prostitute . . . but this movie is about so much more than that.
"Saturday Night Fever" was "The Tribal Rites of the Saturday Night".  Not really sure what to say about this one except . . . they made the right choice.
"Goodfellas" was originally called "Wiseguy", which was the title of the book it was based on.  But there was also a show on TV with that same name that ran from 1987 until 1990, the year "Goodfellas" came out.
"E.T.:  The Extraterrestrial" was nearly called "A Boy's Life".  But what would even be the POINT of calling it "A Boy's Life"?

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