Hate Shopping With Your Significant Other? You're Not Alone

Nov 19, 2012 -- 9:37am

According to a survey, if you don't like shopping with your significant other, you have a lot of company. If my wife wants to shop, I HIGHLY encourage her to just go out and have fun because I am not a shopper. Here are the reasons couple fight when out on shopping trips. Check 'em out.

#1.)  Is the item "needed"?


#2.)  Taking too long to decide.


#3.)  How much someone's spending.


#4.)  One wants it, one doesn't.


#5.)  Visiting a ton of stores, then going back to the first one to buy something.


#6.)  What brand to buy.


#7.)  How something looks.


#8.)  The size of an item.


#9.)  The color of an item.


#10.)  One person gets BORED.




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