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The 10 Most Annoying Trends In Coffee

Mar 01, 2013 -- 11:37am

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(Photo By: SAJJAD HUSSAIN/Getty Images)

We've got the results of a new Zagat survey here on the 10 most annoying coffee trends.  And while it might just be faster to say, "Everything annoys everyone" . . . let's dig into the results, all of which just scream "FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS." 

And The Survery Says...


10 Most annoying Coffee Trends


#10.)  Blonde roast.  It's too weak for hardcore coffee drinkers.


#9.)  Latte foam art.  People don't like the foam on their coffee shaped to look like a leaf or a teddy bear or whatever.


#8.)  High prices.


#7.)  People who take coffee drinking so seriously it's a religious experience.


#6.)  Dark roast.  Earlier on the list, people didn't like the light roast . . . and they also don't like the burnt roast either.


#5.)  Super-expensive home coffee machines.


#4.)  Extra-fattening coffee drinks.


#3.)  "Gourmet" coffee made out of coffee beans pulled from animal feces.


#2.)  Pretentious descriptions of coffee.


#1.)  Baristas who are snobs.  Clearly the people who would respond to a survey like this only respect coffee DRINKERS who are snobs. 





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