3 Things We Love & Hate Most About the Opposite Sex

Mar 04, 2013 -- 10:16am



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According to a new survey by eHarmony, here are the top 3 things men and women like best and hate the most about their significant other.


3 Things men like BEST about their wives and girlfriends

#1.)   They put up with his bad moods. 

#2.)  They're affectionate.

#3.)  They take an interest in how his day went.


3 Things men HATE most about their wives or girlfriends 

#1.)  They take too long to get ready. 

#2.)  They're back-seat drivers.

#3.)  They worry too much about money


3 Things WOMEN like best about their MEN

#1.)   They can make her laugh.

#2.)  They help with household chores.

#3.)  They listen when she rants.


3 Things women HATE most about their husbands or boyfriends 

#1.)  They can never find anything on their own. 

#2.)  They're messy.

#3.)  They hog the remote.


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