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Stretching Before You Exercise Is Bad For You?

Apr 05, 2013 -- 11:52am


You gotta love the Internet, where random studies come out every day to explain how everything you thought was BAD for you is now good . . . and how everything you thought was GOOD for you is now bad, and you can't win so don't even try.


(Photo By: Ferdaus Shamim/Getty Images)


And here's the latest . . .


A new study out of the University of Zagreb in Croatia found that it's bad for you to STRETCH before you exercise . . . because it results in less power and performance from your muscles.


The researchers found that your muscles lose about 5.5% of their strength if you stretch them for 90 seconds.  And your explosiveness goes down almost 3%.


We're not sure if that will affect you during the family softball game . . . but for a world-class athlete, it could be the difference between winning a gold medal in sprinting or coming in last.


They also found that stretching helps reduce your chance of an injury . . . but not all that significantly.


So what should you do instead?  The researchers say the best thing you can do is warm up with stuff like jumping jacks or high leg kicks. 


(Kottke / New York Times)







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