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After Three Years of Being a Mute, a Little Girl Starts Talking After Eating an Insane Amount of Cream Cheese

Jul 22, 2013 -- 11:22am

If the marketing people at Philadelphia Cream Cheese are smart, they'll hop on this IMMEDIATELY.


(Michael Buckner/Getty Images)


Three-year-old Fields Taylor of Leicestershire, England was born with a rare, incurable genetic disease called Glut One Deficiency.  It causes a lack of glucose in her brain and makes it so she can't talk.  She was mute for her first three years.


Then she started eating INSANE amounts of cream cheese.  And miraculously, thanks to the cream cheese, she now has the ability to TALK.  (Her first word was "Mom.")


Here's why.  Cream cheese has just the right amount of fat to make her body use THAT as an energy source, instead of glucose.  That frees up all the available glucose to go to her brain.


Fields is now eating at least four tubs of cream cheese a week . . . and talking.  Because her body is using the fat for energy, it's not affecting her weight . . . it's like how people on Atkins use all that fat for energy.


(Huffington Post / Metro



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